Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Mind fuck!

Spend, spend, spend! It's all I seem to do lately - capitalist consumerism or what? I "invested" in a new iMac and honestly I am in love :) 

I also have a bad case of amazon fever at the moment. I've bought so many DVDs and books that I need to stop buying and actually watch/read them first!

I'm a little worried that I'm buying things to make me happy or distract myself from current issues. Well I'm not happy. I have, however, been distracted. 

February will be a month of experiences, not purchases. A month of resolution.

I need to prioritise. 

In no particular order: 

  1. Work - 2 days a week not 3! I can do 3 days but it means I'm tired and grouchy and I got really behind with my last project. That cannot happen again!
  2. College - start assignments as soon as they're given to me. Have specified "project nights" where I don't make plans and crack on with my work.
  3. Family - ring my mum at least once a week. I'm really bad at this and it's always reassuring to talk to her, she makes me see sense on a lot of things.
  4. Social life - there's a few gigs coming up (Passion Pit, Shy Child.....), and my birthday is very soon so there's no getting away from going out. I just need to make sure that I'm not just out for the sake of it. I'm feeling very lucky at the moment to have such wonderful friends. To be honest, they're the one thing driving me forward at the moment.
  5. Lovelife - a car crash......these things happen
  6. Me-time - one night a week to myself. Read/watch a film/have a bubble bath/play guitar/go for a swim.........
It sounds like a lot to do but it's only little things. I just need to sort my life (and my head) out.

My god, how emo am I? Things will get better

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