Thursday, 3 December 2009

I chose the colour blue. It's one of my favourite colours and has always had a calming effect on me. After doing a little bit of research I found that the colour blue has many more connotations.
  1. Stable and calming - can make time pass more quickly and help you sleep
  2. Too much blue can dampen spirits (the blues) or cause sadness or depression
  3. Brings peace or keeps bad spirits away in some cultures
  4. Corporate when navy/dark - conservative business power suits and police uniforms
  5. Royal blue/azure can show wealth
  6. Slows human metabolism and suppresses appetite
  7. Trusting and loyal
  8. Confidence and intelligence
There's more information on these websites:

Blue Colour Meanings

Colour Theory

Sunday, 22 November 2009

I love Kate Slater's work! She creates individual elements with paper and suspends them from a frame to create a scene, then photographs the scene to have a finished piece. Working with paper must be so fiddly and time-consuming but the end result is beautiful. Her style of illustration and imaginative typography is magical to me.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Here are some of the photos I took from Baa Ram Ewe :)

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I am totally in love with this video! I really want to have a go at animation, especially claymation - it looks like it would take ages to do but it's amazing.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I took a little trip to Baa Ram Ewe, to have a nosy and take some pictures for the book. It was smaller than I expected and a knitting workshop had just finished so it was a little cramped! Verity Britton, the owner, was really great and just let me take as many photos as I like - I said I'd send her the pictures I took too, so maybe she'll put them on the website or facebook page? It was such a cute little shop, really interesting and filled with bright wool.

I really like the typography used on the shop sign and the flyers, so I think I'll be using the same typeface for the book. I'm pretty sure that the typeface I need is courier, well that's the closest one available on InDesign. Also I really like the beige colour used on the flyers with the text in black - the photos are going to be really bright so everything else needs to be quite subtle. I'm a newbie when it comes to InDesign so I'm struggling a little. It's really frustrating as I can't produce something on the software the same as I picture it in my head.

I really want to go to the knit night at Baa Ram Ewe on a Thursday 6-8pm but I usually work then and it's the only week day I can work a long shift. I keep on thinking I could make my own stitch 'n' bitch group but I'm not a great knitter (one day!!!) and I'm sure most people that would come would be beginners and I'm not at a stage to teach them to knit!!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

knitters beat the recession

I found this article which I found really interesting. I guess it's really easy sometimes to forget a city's beginnings and be lost in the modern world. Leeds was a great textile city and it wasn't so long ago.

I really do need to join a knitting group though, I've been on about it for ages and never actually gone.

I've decided that I want to focus my book on one type of craft - KNITTING!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I found some posters on the manifesta website of some club nights I used to go to - I am so chuffed! (I did have originals that I'd ripped off the wall years ago, but they're long gone!) I am loving the whole DIY ethos about them - I really haven't changed a bit. I think that I'm going to look at DIY ethics for my book, stick to something I'm passionate about. I'm not sure yet exactly what tangent of DIY I would like to look into but I guess that's something I need to narrow down.

I've been listening to some radio blogs recently. I've found it really interesting to listen to a blog rather than just read it. I think that I personally take more information in when I hear something. I do really enjoy hearing other peoples opinions, I find it useful to listen.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Light Night

See things differently!The full 2009 brochure is available to download from here.

014 Feminism is a Dirty Word

Courtyard of Broadcasting Place, Leeds Met
19:00 - 05:00

014 Feminism is a Dirty Word thumbnail image
by Leeds Met's School of Contemporary Art and Graphic Design.
"I'm not a feminist, but..." Staff and students of Leeds School of Contemporary Art & Graphic Design lead a torch-lit procession through the city introducing a new generation to, the thoughts and issues of the Reclain the Night marches. Film clips of important moments in Feminist history and thought will be projected onto Leeds Met's Broadcasting Place.
March starts from the courtyard of Broadcasting Place at 7pm.
Projection onto Old Broadcasting House will be Viewable All Night.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Queen Juliana replied!!

Hiya Loz,

Haay, Brooklyn ain't so sunny right now either!

I'm SO glad you like the vids, because it's been a total hoot to make them. If it's not too late--sorry for the delay in returning your email, but I'm juggling a few deadline-oriented things right now--I'd be happy to answer your questions for your first zine.


woooo!!! now I just need to write some questions!
I've emailed a few people about interviews for the zine.
  1. Queen Juliana
  2. Cherryade records
  3. Ladyfest Leeds
I need to email the following people
  1. Manifesta distro
  2. Cops and Robbers zine
  3. Lola and the Cartwheels
  4. The F Word
  5. Julia Downes r.e. riot grrl
  6. Etsy designers
  7. local bands