Friday, 10 April 2009

Queen Juliana replied!!

Hiya Loz,

Haay, Brooklyn ain't so sunny right now either!

I'm SO glad you like the vids, because it's been a total hoot to make them. If it's not too late--sorry for the delay in returning your email, but I'm juggling a few deadline-oriented things right now--I'd be happy to answer your questions for your first zine.


woooo!!! now I just need to write some questions!
I've emailed a few people about interviews for the zine.
  1. Queen Juliana
  2. Cherryade records
  3. Ladyfest Leeds
I need to email the following people
  1. Manifesta distro
  2. Cops and Robbers zine
  3. Lola and the Cartwheels
  4. The F Word
  5. Julia Downes r.e. riot grrl
  6. Etsy designers
  7. local bands