Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Colouring Outside the Lines

Here are some photos I took of the Colouring Outside the Lines exhibition in Bradford last summer. 

Helen Musselwhite - These pieces were amazing! So delicate and intricate. Her work has great form.

Morwenna Catt - Bradford local artist - I found these pieces slightly sinister. I love the loose threads from each one, it gives me the feeling that they're not quite refined/finished. Like a work in progress, quite poetic really.

Abigail Brown - really, really cute textile sculptures. I have a thing about buttons so I loved these :)

Naseem Darbey - I thought this was a lovely idea, to do a portrait using a sewing machine instead of drawing. Must have been quite a task! 


  1. I only got a chance to take a few as the lady told me off :( it was a great exhibition!!

    I bought issue 5 while I was there too, awesome zine :) x