Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Pastures New

Don't think I'll be blogging for a while now until I've got internet sorted at my new flat :(

On the other hand I have Beatherder Festival this weekend :)

Monday, 28 June 2010


I now have three sleeps until I move house :) Apparently I can get on Leeds Uni wifi from my flat, however, I don't know a password.........I will have to investigate. Otherwise I'm going to have to fork out for broadband, which means a phone line (which I'm not sure is there already and will cost me at least £100 to get installed!) after that I can get a pretty good deal on broadband but will have to pay £11 a month for a phone line that I won't use.

I think I need to prioritise what I want, or work out where I'm going to make a sacrifice to pay for all this as I'll have other bills and my rent is now almost double than what I pay now.

  • Quit smoking - definitely
  • Cheap drinking at home before nights out
  • Nights out without drinking?!?
  • Work more hours at work over the summer :(
Cheap ideas:
  • See what I can swipe from work for the new flat (cutlery etc)
  • Pound shop
  • Go to the library for internet
  • Buy cheap bulk food (pasta, rice etc)
  • No buses/taxis; cycle!!
  • Nights in, dinner parties
  • Freecycle
I think I'm going to have to cut back dramatically so that I don't have to work more than 15 hours a week during term time.

The Runaways Trailer

I can't wait to watch this :)

Saturday, 26 June 2010

My new pastime

I found this website and it's great :) It's full of really amazing pictures......
My page is here.

Beach House - Zebra


Friday, 25 June 2010

Roller skates

Now what skates do I want?

Bob Proctor on The Secret

The Secret

I recently was feeling a little down about things and was talking to my friend Mark. He said he had a book I might like to read, that book was called The Secret. I've just read through it and although I'm normally a bit cynical about books like this, I do think that positive thoughts attracts positive things into your life. I am going to be more positive about things and focus my thoughts on what I want rather than what I don't want.

The Dreamers Trailer

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

BuntyLooping Bunty's 'Licking La Lune' Album Launch (Part 1)

Polapremium and the Impossible Project - Back in an instant

IMPOSSIBLE - film: Impossible PX 600 Film

IMPOSSIBLE - film: Impossible PX 600 Film

Impossible Project to relaunch Polaroid-compatible film

Impossible Project to relaunch Polaroid-compatible film

I have a polaroid camera :) 
After checking out the prices of Polaroid 600 film on Amazon, I was a little bit disheartened as it has been discontinued and it's about £80 for a 10 shot film!! It's now considered rare and the prices reflect this. I did a bit of research and found that The Impossible Project have bought one of the old Polaroid factories and equipment and are now starting to make film that is compatible with Polaroid 600 cameras at a much cheaper price. It's still quite expensive but it's dramatically cheaper.

Chop Cup

Do not adjust your mind, there is a fault in reality.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

TestSpace Closing party

Just a few of the photos taken by my good friend Tahra O'Regan (1/3 of Craft Addicts). Check out her blog


Lo fi photography

Being a lover of all things lo-fi, I like how an old camera can give a different feel to the photos. I don't have an old camera (just a crap newish digital camera) yet - but Tahra has offered me an old polaroid camera to have a mess around with. I had a go an making photos look older than they are, and these are the results. I think I need a bit of practice to be honest. I reduced the saturation of the image and heightened the red levels. I added "noise" at around 20% but only after flattening the image as it wouldn't let me until then. Not brilliant but it's a start.


Amplified: Best Coast

Best Coast - So Gone

An equally brilliant song. I wish I was sat on a beach right now....

Best Coast | When I'm With You

My current favourite band. I'm addicted to this song, it's on repeat most of the time. I actually picked up my guitar for the first time in ages and worked out the tabs. Pretty simple chords but such a great record. Debut album is out this summer and I can't wait. This is the soundtrack to my summer :)

If only......

......I was moving here.

New flat ideas :)

7 people on 1 bike

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Stitch-Up website

I'm very curious about this work as it is related to my craft work. The website is not up and running yet, but I will keep checking for updates.

Georgina Isaac

I really liked some of the mixed media work at 42 New Briggate, especially this work by Georgina Isaac. I like how print the image on fabric, gives it a friendliness.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Our next stall!

Test Space Closing Party

We will be holding our next stall at 42 New Briggate as part of TestSpace's Arts festival. I'm really excited about this one as we have been able to make requests and give ideas about the event. The TestSpace guys seem really sound, I hope we get to contribute with their upcoming projects too.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Be My Baby (Ukulele/Melodica/Random Clapping cover)

As soon as I move to my new flat I'm buying a ukulele and a melodica. Two weeks to go :) I want to start playing music again and enjoying it. Write some songs, have a jam with some mates; lovely.

Game Over by PES

I really need to do some stop motion videos. I have no idea how to make one so I need to do a bit of research.

Western Spaghetti by PES

DEADLINE post-it stop motion

Disco Pigs trailer

Everybody must watch this film. It is awesome!

Love - John Lennon

I need to listen to more John Lennon, keeps the faith.

Saturday, 5 June 2010


More Bicycles

Indie crafters - Make your own portable craft trading stall!

Calling all indie crafters with an eye for business! Today's lesson will tell you how to build your own portable trading stall so you can start getting your business out there...
With this comprehensive guide, your indie biz will have a very professional and very eye-catching trade stall. Not everyone has the initial wealth necessary to start their own indie craft shop, so a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. In order to build that wealth, you have to be resourceful. The more you save, the more purchasing power you have to expand your business.

How do indie crafters benefit from a portable craft stall?

How to build your own portable craft stall

1. You will need furniture for displaying and housing your products. Check out your local thrift store for two tables, two chairs, and any big storage plastic bins. If you are able to find a tent or large tarp set equipped with stakes and poles, get it. These will be essential for keeping you and your kiosk dry and protected from the elements.
2. Score a tablecloth or tarp to cover your tables. The cover should be long enough to touch the ground. Choose your colour(s) wisely; the table cover helps bring together the overall look and feel of your craft stall.
3. Create a display sign for your trade stall. The sign should be bold and sexy, and should be visible from at least 30 feet away!
4. Create a full inventory price list. The price list should be eye-catching and enticing. Emphasise sales and specials to bring customers to your trade stall. The prices should be bold and visible from about 10-15 feet away. Post your price list on the front of your display table.
5. Develop a full inventory tracking spreadsheet with all of the items to be sold on the trade stall. Your spreadsheet should include: the item name, description, quantity total, quantity sold, date sold, and a space for comments and notes. Bring two differently coloured highlighters and an ink pen with you to mark items sold and items out of stock.
6. Bring plenty of merchandise! A great rule of thumb is to have three of each item on your inventory price list: two for display purposes and one for when the other two items are sold.
7. Have a starting 'bank' ready to go for your first sale! Bring plenty of cash in as many denominations as possible. The bank should be kept in a locked cash box, and you should bring a receipt book with you to log all transactions and give a copy to your customers.
8. Have a list of sale policies (either posted or available for handout) for your customers. Include your return, special order, and additional policy information, and provide contact information as well.
9. Finally, bring plenty of business cards! I cannot stress that enough. You will want to provide your customers with a way to get in touch with you for future purchases.
Well, there you go. It's easier said than done, but follow the pointers above and you'll have a fully operational trading stall that won't give you any nasty surprises.
Next, I'll tell you how to put that trading stall into practice, and how to land sweet indie biz opportunities...

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

LITTLE GIRLS 'Youth Tunes' from the album 'Concepts'

Best Coast | When I'm With You

I am in love with this song :)

Optical illusion using a record player.

Classic Commercials - Technics Cassettes

How to make tape cassette purses



Life is like a Bicycle

I fancy making some I'm going to take a trip to the market soon to see if I can pick some blank cassette tapes up cheaply. The first music I ever bought was in cassette format and it's kind of nostaglic. They're so cute :)

I'm going to work on a few illustrations, doodles of things I like...........mixtapes, bicycles, record players, typewriters, teapots............things from simpler times. I do love modern technology (especially my mac) but there's something so special about making a mixtape or typing a letter.

Jerome G. Demuth

"There's something simply charming and disarming about swings ....
There's a feeling of instant affection for any individual who would stop everything and just take advantage of the moment, allowing herself to get swept away." 
Paris's SwinGs from Jerome G. Demuth on Vimeo.