Saturday, 30 January 2010

Thumbs down!

I wasn't impressed with The Art Bowl. Arriving at 6pm (when it said it started!) there was nothing really going on. I did like the series of video art of close-ups of someone eating, it was pretty disgusting but it caught my attention! There was a live art piece which I didn't get at all.........a series of newspaper clippings about animals and a japanese woman spinning candy floss and putting it into bags of kitty litter??!? Maybe my knowledge and understanding on contemporary art is not up to speed, but it was just plain weird.

Not an event I will be attending again.

Handmade 2

I really want to go to handmade 2. I missed the first one, so I'm going to try and finish work early to make it down there. I have a few birthdays coming up so I'd like to pick up a few handmade presents.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Art Bowl

I think I might go here tonight :) bowling and art - what more could I ask for?

I really want to go and help out - I'm going to email Sophie and find out. Could lead to more work with hifi and the fav etc :)

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

DIY - The Rise of Lo-fi Culture

Currently reading this amazing book. It covers everything I'm interested in; zines, craft, music.........I wish I had more time to read!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Best Joined Up this Friday :) I haven't been before but I checked out the website and the artwork looks pretty good. Miss Led's illustrations are amazing - I wish I was that good!

Best Joined Up

My good friend, Mr. Richard Galloway (thesbian extraordinaire) has asked me to do a bit of set designing for his new theatre production company. Hopefully, it will fit in with my next uni brief "designing for audiences". Anyways half term is very soon, and my birthday >.< so I'll have some free time to spare. No idea what kind of sets he wants. All will be revealed very soon.

I'll been trying to get a little bit of illustration done in my spare time (even though my spare time has dramatically decreased in the last few weeks!). I'm going to have a mess around with them in Photoshop once my new mac arrives (yay!)