Monday, 8 February 2010

Julien Vallee

Julien vallee website

I took a book out of the library called Papercraft. One of the artists in it is Julien Vallee. I love his paper sculptures. 

I have always had a general dislike to sculpture. Mainly because I hate working with clay - it's messy and so me always looks unrefined and isn't asthetically pleasing at all to me. I still think this about clay. It's static and I guess I always hated being forced to do it at school. 

I think I've been a little bit close-minded to sculpture. I've only been able to contemplate it in one medium. So what I'm saying is, I still hate clay, but I don't hate sculpture. What a revelation! I was really impressed by Vallee's paper scultures. The bright paper being manipulated, it almost seems impossible to me.

I would like to try some paper sculpture. On a large scale. I have 2 weeks now of no college and only 1 shift at work. I think it's a perfect reason to start a mini personal project.

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