Sunday, 28 March 2010

Major Project

A collaborative community project. I'm going to be working with Tahra and George - it will be so much fun :) 

A the moment we're trying to narrow it down into a more specific project involving one cause/issue. Research so far has been pretty easy, there's so many examples of current projects going on to work from. At the moment it's steering towards the crafty side of things. April will be a month of making and baking.....I'm excited!

We will be baking cakes for the mad hatters tea party. It will be a good excuse to eat lots of lovely cakes and meet new people. Bakers get free entry to the club night later on so we can party too :) I think it would be cool to bake some alice in wonderland style cakes (maybe that's the theme anyways.......)

I'm hoping that we could start doing this regularly. There should be lots of little crafty stalls there too so we can get some inspiration for things to make. I'm really feeling the alice in wonderland thing at the moment. 

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