Tuesday, 16 March 2010

bleurgh illness!!

I'm finally starting to feel not ill - so I'm trying to catch up with everything I've missed this week and last week. I really don't want to apply for an extension - I'd rather get everything done on time and then be able to concentrate on my major project.

I'm really pleased with my critical studies essay :) 68!! I've been given an extra blog task to make sure I get a 1st - I need to analyse a zine article in depth. Shouldn't be too much of a task. I wasn't too worried about essay writing as I quite enjoy writing as long as it's about something I'm interested in. Hopefully this means that my dissertation shouldn't be such a struggle. Time management is my problem. Maybe I should do a project on my weaknesses?

I found these notecards on the BUST website. I thought they were funny. I keep on meaning to buy some kalico (I think that's what it's called!!) but craftwise only has it for sale with patterns. Cross-stitch is dead easy, I could make some awesome presents for people (if I can bear to part with them!)

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