Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Thins to look forward to!

I'm so giddy now! There's two placements going for the I Love West Leeds Festival and I've put my name down for one. It would be so amazing to work on this, especially as my current project is on this and I was kind of hoping to carry this onto a major project.

Feels like a sign!!

There is a project with Shari Baker at Armley Mills which is just down the road from me too, I'd like to take part but I'm usually in a workshop/tutorial then. May have a word with Graham to see if I can maybe swap sessions or something so that I can attend. I don't want to be missing any tutored sessions!

Also will be stewarding the stall at the upcoming book fair *fingers crossed* with George. So we'll get to explore the books too :)

I hope things go my way as I've been feeling pretty fucking low lately and it's affecting everything. I just need to keep myself busy

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